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Bag in Tube

Dress code? Bag in Tube! Discover the new Ca 'Tullio packages with an extremely elegant design and ideal for all your occasions or for a truly refined gift.

Discover a way of drinking wine in the name of design and convenience combined with practicality.

Why choose the Bag in Tube for our ready-to-drink wines? Because it is an alternative solution with a refined design compared to the more classic bag in box:

  • It has a sturdy and 100% recyclable packaging
  • Aluminum cap
  • Rope handle for practical and elegant transport
  • Protects the bag from being crushed by impacts
  • It protects the wine from sudden changes in temperature and from light
  • Prevents hyperoxidation (excessive contact with air)
  • It maintains the organoleptic characteristics of the wine even after opening
  • Streamline transport and use
Bag in Tube

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